Cosmetics, being substances which come into contact with human skin, must undergo accurate tests both from a microbiological and a chemical point of view. The analysis carried out by our laboratory are mostly aimed at verifying the concentration of chemical contaminants, allergens and bacteria.

Epta Nord srl offers multiple analytical procedures to satisfy every customer needs. The analysis are set according to specific international standards for cosmetics and according to the European Pharmacopoeia. The challenge test and the PAO (Period after opening) are also performed on cosmetics.

Epta Nord provides all its experience in order to evaluate which parameters must be determined and which values are actually anomalous. It also provides advices on labels drafting.


• Cosmetics
• Skin care creams
• Personal care creams
• Deodorants
• Detergents
• Gloves
• Oral hygiene products
• Personal hygiene products
• Body Perfumes
• Soap
• Solvents
• Fabrics