Sampling service

We carry out the sampling and collection service, providing information on the correct sampling methods.



We provide consultancy and collaboration services to obtain dedicated certifications.

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We perform first and second part audits to verify   the characteristics of the company.

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Technical support to production process

Our staff assists companies from the production stages to the marketing of their products.

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Reports on analytical results

We can provide test and evaluation reports for both the Italian and foreign markets.

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Haccp and management of food hazards

We provide advice on HACCP and drafting of manuals according to HACCP principles.

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Staff training and information

The Epta Nord laboratory carries out various training and updating courses

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Development and validation of methods

The laboratory develops test methods and validates them.

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Agreements with Universities for theses and internships

lThe laboratory agrees with Italian universities for internships and school alternation.

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Expert and technical consultancy

Epta Nord, on behalf of the customer, has specialised staff to attend the analysis reviews

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